The Virginia Chamber Orchestra.
A Registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization

The Virginia Chamber Orchestra is supported by an elected Board of Trustees. Trustees donate time and resources to facilitate post-performance receptions, fund-raising events, and numerous administrative activities. An Honorary Board and Corporate Committee also provide guidance and support. As a non-profit organization, the VCO depends on the support of its audience. Its fine performances are made possible through the generosity of individual donors, as well as public and private corporations and foundations.


The VCO currently has board and volunteer positions open for people with skills in marketing, networking, social media, communications, and graphic arts, including opportunities to advance to leadership positions. We are also seeking people interested in assisting with the annual Gala and Musicales. The board holds quarterly meetings in Fairfax City. Contact Douglas Lovejoy at 703-829-7440, or


Board of Trustees

Honorary Board

Douglas C. Lovejoy  President
Elise Neil Bengtson  Vice President
Betty Farrell*  Secretary
Carol J. Perry  Treasurer

Barbara Baron
Joan H. Braitsch*

Michelle Carter
George T. Curley
Carol Dennison
Marija Fine
Barbara D. Gholz
Kathleen McDonald
Julia McDowell
Saundra Pearson
Ann G. Sica
Patricia M. Woolsey

General Counsel
William Porter, Blankingship & Keith, PC

Mr. Robert Amey
Mrs. Aliki Bryant
Sondra Jupin Gillice
James P. Goodridge*
Helen Gordon
John Gordon
Brigitta C. Gruenther
Mrs. Frederick E. Hart
James M. Lewis
Elizabeth and Jan Lodal
Mrs. Jacques Moore
Dr. Alan Mead
Mary Evelyn Dean-Mead

Mrs. Jacques Moore
Robin Phillips
Mr. J. Almont Pierce
Joan Polk
Ms. Lola Reinsch
Mr. Bob Ryan
Robin Thurman
Mrs. Kata Trotter
Robert Goodyear Vandemark

 * = Past President