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To place an advertisement in the VCO concert program, please complete the advertising contract form below, and submit it with payment. The Virginia Chamber Orchestra is a Registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Help support the orchestra's concerts and outreach activities with a donation. Donor benefits are available upon request. Mail your donations to:

Virginia Chamber Orchestra
P.O. Box 7484
Alexandria, VA 22307-7484

Double Your Audiences

Our  traffic is not generated by television advertising or sponsored advertising on other sites. Those who read our programs advertise with us because they sought out our site and content – usually the result of a search to reach wider audiences.

Reach the Right Audience

Whether you are promoting your products and services or generating appointments for your sales people, the VCO programs are a really useful tool to contact prospects; several VCO members are decision makers and the best possible audience for your business.

Print is not dead

We’ve all heard the phrase “print is dead” before. More than ever businesses are choosing to focus their energy and resources in online media and abandoning printed marketing pieces. Experts say: print circulations are down, but in many cases, that means that publications’ readership has been culled to only the most engaged, which is a desirable trait, from an advertising standpoint. The primary challenge with print is demonstrating the ads’ effectiveness. “Print is interesting because it actually provokes people to read it,” says Britt Fero, executive vice president and head of strategy in the Seattle office of New York-based ad agency Publicis. “Just buying it or getting it in the mail provokes the reader to engage in a way that digital doesn’t. If you have time to read a magazine, then you’re going to really engage with the ads there. Print ads should inspire you to look at them even longer.”

Print is credible

It is a marketing fact: people tend to believe a printed article over an online one. With internet content becoming more easily editable than ever, people are trusting what they read online less and less. The rich history of print design means that a company using print design can earn more prestige and respect from their audience. Well established companies have been using print marketing long before online marketing was an option. By using print marketing you can make your company seem established and credible through association. It is also important to mention that readers of magazines tend to be very loyal. A reader will often subscribe to one publication for a number of years. Because online ads tend to be quite small, clicking on the ad is vital to delivering information to a target market. A print ad, however, can deliver more pertinent information to the public much easier and with no perceived risk.

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